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To grow the National Lottery responsibly, making it bigger better
safer for all.


Our vision is to grow The National Lottery responsibly, making it bigger, better and
safer for all.

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Because we will maximise Good Causes contributions by the end of the Fourth Licence through responsible growth of the player base.


Because we will modernise technology and operations, refresh games and support shops while improving the use of data and digital.


Because participant protection underpins everything we do.

Aligned with our values

Trusted, Inclusive and Innovative

As custodians of The National Lottery, we have a responsibility to consider the wider economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities. We’ve established three main pillars that underpin our work


Protecting the Planet

Committing to be a net zero National Lottery.

Empowering People

A commitment to report on our health and wellbeing goals and our plans to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in how we operate.

Building prosperous places

Helping retailers thrive through innovation and investment.

Our plans

Our commitment is to build and operate a bigger, better, safer National Lottery; a more accessible and entertaining National Lottery that, benefits society and funds a brighter future.

Evolving The National Lottery means always placing responsible player experience at the forefront.

  • Games will not only be meaningful and engaging, but purposefully safe and sustainable - preventing excess and unaffordable play. We will continue to build on the incredible variety of existing games, while delivering the innovation required to make National Lottery play a social experience.

At Allwyn, we prioritise the safety and wellbeing of all National Lottery participants. We have implemented a number of measures to protect against harmful behaviour.

  • Safer games for all participants
  • Stringent safeguards to protect vulnerable participants
  • Potential harm detection and early prevention

The broad and diverse player base of The National Lottery is what makes it so great. The wide reach of The National Lottery is made possible through safe, accessible play - core components to every single game, with a digital-first approach that ensures relevance today.

By partnering with Purple Tuesday, a global social movement for enhancing the customer experience for disabled people and their families, Allwyn UK is committed to making The National Lottery more inclusive and accessible than ever before.

The digitisation of The National Lottery’s games not only enables an improved Participant Protection strategy to be implemented, but means we are able to enhance and support physical retail, big and small.

Allwyn will improve the player and retailer experience as a whole.

  • Data enables retailers to better serve and protect participants every day, with every game played.
  • For The National Lottery family, increased technology translates to more clarity over funding models and improved communication and marketing

The outcome

To place The National Lottery where it belongs – playing a central role in peoples’ lives for the better.  

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Good Causes

Significantly increase Good Causes contributions by the end of the Fourth Licence.

Support The National Lottery Distributors to provide greater certainty and transparency around funding, making their work easier.

Safer Play

Making The National Lottery the benchmark for how best to protect participants.

At Allwyn, we prioritise the safety and wellbeing of all National Lottery participants. To ensure that everyone can enjoy our games responsibly, we have implemented a number of measures to protect against harmful behaviour.

About us

Allwyn UK is proud to be part of the Allwyn Entertainment Group, a multi-national lottery operator with leading market positions across Europe.

We have brought together an impressive management team alongside some of the world’s leading corporate partners in marketing and innovation. We have considerable experience of the UK’s retail, gaming, digital and entertainment sectors.

Our people are fully aligned with our core values and Good Causes initiatives, and we are working together toward our vision of a bigger, better, safer National Lottery for all. 

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