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We make lotteries better so they serve as a force for good.

What we do

We know what it takes to run lotteries successfully. Our record of generating growth is unequalled. We’ve embraced the power of digital to achieve significant growth in each of our markets over the last five years. This means more money to fund Good Causes, and to make lotteries a unifying force in society.

As one of the largest taxpayers in each of our markets, we’ve returned over €2bn to governments in recent years, enabling them to better fund these Causes. We also support direct community investment from each of the Allwyn brands, financing a wide range of projects across the health, sports, arts and community sectors.

We are bidding for the UK's 4th National Lottery licence as part of the competition currently being run by the Gambling Commission.

About us

Our Net Zero Commitment

We are committed to becoming the world’s first net zero lottery company by 2030.

Aligning ourselves to the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign, we have signed the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Commitment to pledge to achieve net zero by 2030 or sooner.

We've partnered with

Vodafone brings invaluable insights into digital, retail behaviours and market trends. Together with Vodafone’s global leadership in connectivity, we build lotteries that are relevant for today and ready for the future.

We've also partnered with


Vodafone's market leading connectivity will improve the resilience of lottery operations and player data security. A leader in 5G, fixed, and IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, Vodafone’s solutions offer opportunities to integrate new, exciting features and capabilities to keep ahead of ever-evolving consumer demands.

Levelling Up Goals

We have signed up to the Levelling Up Goals along with a number of UK businesses, universities and public sector organisations to play our part in efforts to create a level playing field for equal opportunities across the UK. Find out more here.

Mindful Business Charter

We have signed the Mindful Business Charter, joining a wide range of businesses and professional service firms around the world in a collective commitment to address the avoidable stresses in our working practices, to promote healthier and more effective ways of working. Find out more here.

Purple Tuesday

We have partnered with Purple Tuesday, committing to improving the experience of people with disabilities by removing barriers and increasing opportunities through accessibility. We join a number of pioneering businesses ready to make tomorrow's changes today. Find out more here.

Made by Sport

We have teamed up with Made by Sport launching a campaign focused on powering good together, showcasing far-reaching, positive impact that community and grassroots sport has on society. Find out more here.


We are committed to becoming the world’s first net zero lottery company by 2030. Aligning ourselves to the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign, we have signed the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Commitment to pledge to achieve net zero by 2030 or sooner. Find out more here.

What we stand for

Giving back lies at the heart of SAZKA Group. We believe in helping lotteries maximise funding, so they can support worthy causes around the world. From building children’s hospitals in Greece to promoting school sport in the Czech Republic, we’re always striving to support our local communities.

We always want to increase the amount of money we can invest in Good Causes.

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"We’ve increased returns to Good Causes by 15% since 2015."

Our approach

We’re working towards a better future. Each cause we support is tailored to its community and the needs of the local people. Since we started, SAZKA Group has overseen significant returns to national and local governments across our European markets. We’ve increased support of Good Causes by 15% since 2015 – that’s equivalent to over €2bn in government funds for charitable work.

What we stand for

Player protection is essential to the way we work. We’re always working to improve our customer experience, including ways to support more vulnerable groups. We also have a proven record of building technology that encourages responsible behaviour – making our games safer for consumers.

Our lotteries are a benchmark for the industry. We’re committed to helping others meet our high standards by promoting responsible gaming behaviour and making a positive impact on our communities.

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Since 2015, we’ve increased our funding to player protection initiatives by 29%.

Our approach

Each SAZKA Group company creates an environment in which fair, reliable and safe gaming is guaranteed, to ensure our players get the best experience possible.

Our lotteries operate under the World Lottery Associations and European Lottery Association responsible gaming standards. All our companies which offer lotteries have been awarded the Level 4 Responsible Gaming Certification, the highest level of responsible gaming certification issued by the World Lottery Associations.

Embracing the power of digital

We offer customers a wide range of digital products. Our expertise in game design has allowed us to develop ways of making gaming more interactive. That means a fun, personalised experience for our customers.

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How technology has made our lotteries better

We grow lotteries and increase returns to serve as a force for good. Using technology to grow draw-based games is a huge part of our success.

Most notably, in the Czech Republic we've increased participation from just 54% in 2013, to 73% in 2019.

Good Causes

We believe in growing lotteries so they are able to return the maximum amount of funding to Good Causes. We want to nurture the connection between our players and the Causes they help to fund.

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Better player protection

We believe that lotteries should be the benchmark for how to protect players in today’s digital world. Our operations in all our markets are aligned to the highest professional standards. We are members and signatories to the World Lottery Association and the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming standards.

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Using the power of technology

We use the power of technology to grow lotteries safely. From our work across Europe, we have the insight, expertise and experience to understand what it takes to help lotteries thrive in today’s fiercely competitive landscape.

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Allwyn UK is part of Allwyn, Europe’s leading lottery operator. Led by a sector-leading UK team and international experts, Allwyn UK embraces the power of digital to grow lotteries and make them better.


Between 2015 and 2019 (across all European markets):

  • We’ve increased returns to governments and societies by 15%, giving over 2bn Euros
  • We increased online sales of draw based games by 134%
  • Our staff headcount has grown 38%
  • We’ve increased our funding to player protection initiatives by 29%
  • We’ve grown our small retail network by 33%