How we operate

As the operator of The National Lottery, we work with our customers, retailers, and partners to deliver on our vision for The National Lottery to change lives every day. 

We enable our players to play where and when they want: in retail stores, on our website or through our app. We are working hard to provide a player experience and games portfolio that is fit for the digital era, making The National Lottery brand more appealing and relevant to existing and new players.

This will require Allwyn to invest significantly to support more ambitious growth, in a safe and responsible way, through digital channels, and digital and data-enabled new technology into retail.  The changes we need to make to achieve these ambitions are largely behind the scenes and relate to technology and infrastructure. They will take some time to implement, but we are progressing well.

More money for National Lottery-funded projects and initiatives

For every pound spent on National Lottery products, a share of the money is put by The National Lottery Distributors into community, sport, heritage, and arts projects across the UK. Our goal is to raise more money for these projects than ever before by putting The National Lottery back at the heart of the national consciousness. In simple terms, this means a plan that will help annual returns significantly increase over the licence period, with an associated substantial increase in Lottery Duty also paid to HM Treasury.

The best games and experiences

We are committed to running a digital-first lottery, and we will be consistently innovating and refreshing the games portfolio. Allwyn is investing extensively in technology and digital innovation to build a lottery of the future. We want millions more people playing a little, attracting new players and bringing back those who used to play, while also energising The National Lottery’s existing player base.

As we develop our technology over the course of the Fourth Licence, we will be harnessing data and machine learning to identify problematic behaviour and proactively prevent harm. Find out more about how we use technology as part of our commitment to player safety here. 

How we protect our players

A new Fourth Licence 

The new Fourth Lottery Licence model means that the incentives for the operator and Good Causes are closely aligned.