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What we stand for

Participant protection is essential to the way we work. We’re constantly working to improve our customer experience, including ways to support more vulnerable groups. We also have a proven record of building technology that encourages responsible behaviour – making our games safer for consumers.

Our lotteries are a benchmark for the industry. We’re committed to helping others meet our high standards by promoting responsible gaming behaviour and making a positive impact in our communities.

Our approach to player protection

Each Allwyn company creates an environment in which fair, reliable and safe gaming is guaranteed, to ensure our players get the best experience possible.

Our lotteries operate under the World Lottery Association and European Lotteries responsible gaming standards. All our companies which offer lotteries have been awarded the Level 4 Responsible Gaming Certification, the highest level of responsible gaming certification issued by the World Lottery Associations.

"Since 2015, we’ve increased our funding for player protection initiatives by 29%."

The future of player protection

With lotteries being one of the most popular forms of gaming, we’re constantly investing in player protection initiatives to keep them safe and fun for everyone.

Data and technology led
Collaboration with protection groups
Empowering consumers

How we safeguard players

In each of our markets, we develop technology to protect our players. The solutions that work best are then applied across the group. This way, everyone benefits.

Our responsible gaming policy is built on two pillars:


Thorough examination of our products and their potential effect on player behaviour.


Open dialogue with and education of players and other stakeholders.

All of our lottery operators are members of the World Lottery Association and the European Lottery Association and are bound by their respective regulations.

Providing relevant and timely information to customers

Empowering customers to effectively manage their play

Using technology to protect players in real time

Taking a risk-based approach to new products

Engaging with and investing in player protection initiatives

Using data to predict and prevent problematic behaviour

What we've done elsewhere

Czech Republic

Transforming Instant Win Games

Our work in the Czech Republic and Austria has revolutionised Instant Win Games by lowering the risk to players. We’ve also changed the perception of ‘scratchcard’ products, so they’re now bought differently.


Building algorithms to help keep gaming fun for everyone

We can now better predict problematic behaviour. Our team in Greece has developed an algorithm which uses real-time data to detect certain patterns, quickly warning of behaviour that’s likely to escalate. This has increased the probability of spotting this kind of behaviour by up to 30 times.

Integrating automated software that enables players to see where their behaviour has changed

Our team in Austria have introduced MENTOR, a software system that uses personal messages to notify players of unusual changes in their playing behaviour and inform them what they can do about it. It is a valuable tool that supports players in making independent decisions.

MENTOR is based on the latest findings from research into gambling addiction. As an intelligent player protection program, it is able to identify long-term trends and derive suitable recommendations from them.

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