Player safety and wellbeing sit at the heart of our operations

Player safety is our top priority. We want people to enjoy The National Lottery, and to do so in a responsible way. Ensuring The National Lottery remains a trusted and safe environment that sets a new benchmark in player protection is intrinsically embedded in everything at Allwyn UK.

Our ambition is to set a benchmark for world-class player safety in digital-first lottery play. 

To ensure that everyone can enjoy our games responsibly, we will be implementing over the course of the Fourth Licence a number of measures to protect against harmful behaviour, including:

Safe games for all participants, through our responsible game design processes

Stringent safeguards to protect vulnerable participants, such as lower limits online

Potential harm detection and early prevention through behavioural analytics and interventions

Proactive education of our customers and business partners on player safety principles

Collaboration with industry, the regulator and European and world lottery organisations to contribute to the development of best practice standards.

Our Participant Protection Charter

Our Participant Protection Charter sets out how we are ensuring The National Lottery is the safest place in the UK to play games of chance. It builds on – but goes beyond – the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. 

The Charter has been developed with insight from across Allwyn’s European lottery operations and the latest research. It explains our commitments as part of the Fourth Licence and outlines our roadmap for sophisticated technological improvements over the subsequent decade.

New standards for healthy play based on data and technology upgrades

We are committed to ensuring that The National Lottery is the benchmark for how best to protect players in today’s digital-first world. Over the course of the Fourth Licence, we will be harnessing the power of new technologies like AI to quickly identify problematic behaviour, as well as educating our customers and business partners on player safety principles.

We use Allwyn’s global experience in running successful and sustainable lotteries in other countries to put in place strategies at Allwyn UK that enable healthy play. Beyond our adherence to extensive safer gambling accreditation, we look to lead through other initiatives as we upgrade our technology over the first few years of the new Fourth Licence.

Allwyn’s local geographies enable greater opportunities for innovation  

OPAP, Allwyn’s lottery-operator in Greece, is at the forefront of new technologies recently developing two AI tools to strengthen player safety – a Safety Net Algorithm and an online Customer Service Robot - that sends timely emails and chat messages to players. Both tools were recognised by the European Lotteries Innovation Awards 2022.