Using the power of technology

We make lotteries better and safer through the use of digital technologies.

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Embracing the power of digital

We offer customers a wide range of digital products. Our expertise in game design has allowed us to develop ways of making gaming more interactive. That means a fun, personalised experience for our customers.

Technology helps us in two main ways:


Keeping lotteries fun, relevant and entertaining


Better protecting players, using data to help consumers manage problematic behaviour

How we use tech to scale lotteries safely...

We’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology. Thanks to our talented partners and our own international expertise, we’re able to to grow and scale at pace. We stay one step ahead of the competition by seamlessly connecting traditional retail outlets with cutting-edge digital channels.

We’ve even taken established lotteries in the Czech Republic and Greece from pen and paper to modern, digital-first offers.

And the resulting impact

We’ve produced strong growth in each of our markets over the last five years, far exceeding the average for European lotteries.

Allwyn UK embodies these values and taps into a deep well of expertise across a Group that has 64,000 points of sale, industry-leading digital platforms, and a total potential market of over 79 million adults - with annual sales of over €17bn.

How technology has made our lotteries better

We grow lotteries and increase returns to serve as a force for good. Using technology to grow draw-based games is a huge part of our success.

Most notably, in the Czech Republic we've increased participation from just 54% in 2013, to 76% in 2020.

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