Player Protection is at the heart of Allwyn’s operations

We see technology as an opportunity to develop strong safeguards for players.

Here at Allwyn, as part of SAZKA Group, player protection is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’ve increased our funding to player protection initiatives by 29% across all European operations.


We believe that lotteries should be the benchmark for how best to protect players in today’s digital world. Technology is at the centre of how we operate. It allows us to create fun and engaging games and implement stronger safeguards for players. We have experience in developing tailored solutions for especially vulnerable social groups.


SAZKA Group’s operations in every market are aligned with the highest professional standards. We are members and signatories to the World Lottery Association and European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standards. All our lottery companies have been awarded the Level 4 Responsible Gaming Certification, the highest level of responsible gaming certification issued by the World Lottery Associations.


Our team have harnessed initiatives like MENTOR, a prevention tool that uses personal messages to notify players of unusual changes in their playing behaviour and informs them of action they can take. It is a valuable tool that supports players in making independent decisions.

In Greece, SAZKA Group’s team developed an algorithm that trained on real-time data to better predict and manage problematic behaviour among players. It enabled a faster first alert warning of behaviour that could become problematic. The model increased the ability to spot and identify problematic behaviour (behaviour that normally would lead to voluntary self-exclusion by the customer) by 30 times (2% to 82%) while at the same time keeping the false alarm level constant.

Allwyn is powered by SAZKA Group, and their wealth of experience in running national lotteries is unrivalled. Lotteries should be a force for good, and by focussing on player protection funding, we do more to ensure that our lotteries are safer for consumers.


You can see more about the importance of player protection funding to SAZKA Group and Allwyn here, and via visiting our social media pages linked below.

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