Lotteries help turn countries into communities

Allwyn UK, part of Allwyn, believes lotteries are the foundation of society, bolstering the safety net for everyone while also funding their greatest ambitions.

Improving a lottery can be measured by a huge number of metrics. You could reach more players, have higher prize funds, or expand the network of retailers, to name but a few. Ultimately, though, these metrics are all ways of measuring one particular element - is the lottery benefitting society as a whole? Is it helping to fund the things that turn a country into a community, helping local and national governments achieve their aims, and helping to encourage spending in retailers - or is it simply covering itself?


Allwyn builds lotteries that can form the foundation of societies - that can both help to bolster people’s safety net and help to fund the aspirations of the Government.


When we stepped in across Europe to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we showed that we are serious about helping the societies in which we operate. Across our lotteries in Europe, we provided hundreds of thousands of items of PPE, funded medical supplies to hospitals and helped the people get the right medical care; we were able to do this because our lotteries are centred on benefitting local people and the local economy.


In the UK, partnering with Made By Sport, we want to underline our commitment to ensuring that the extensive benefits of sports participation are understood.


Our lotteries across Europe already sustain thousands of sports clubs. For example in the Czech Republic, around 150,000 children participate in the SAZKA Olympic multi-contest every schoolyear. More than 1,100 elementary schools participate in this nationwide programme.


In Greece, Allwyn’s “Sport Academies” programme supports 210 amateur football academies and 36 Sports Academies Festivals have been organized all over the country. The impact has been huge: over 40,000 children have benefitted.


Outside of the world of sport, our lotteries are able to fuel the entrepreneurial aspirations of society. In Greece, “OPAP Forward” programme, which supports small and medium entrepreneurs, has entered its fourth year. In 2020, the programme welcomed a number of new small and medium sized enterprises from productive sectors of the Greek economy. One of the enterprises, “Doctor Anytime”, took an active role in aiding to contain the spread of COVID-19, providing specialised medical advice for people shielding in their homes through digital platforms. Since it joined the OPAP Forward programme, Doctor Anytime has helped 7 million people find the right doctor.


All of these achievements underline the benefits that an Allwyn lottery brings to European communities today.

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