How Allwyn, the largest lottery operator in Europe, benefits society.

We make lotteries better so they serve as a force for good.

The roles of a lottery are multi-faceted. Leaning on the experience of Allwyn across Europe, we understand that a lottery exists first and foremost to benefit society. A crucial means to achieving this is through increasing returns to the government and good causes.


With a lottery that produces greater returns to the government and good causes, there’s more to be reinvested into improving the parts of society that benefit from lottery funding - whether that be local facilities, accessibility to sports or charity projects.


The consequence of Allwyn's success across Europe is that we are one of the largest taxpayers in each country in which we operate. We contribute a great deal to national and local economies and we’ve returned over €2bn to governments in recent years.

We have also been able to increase the amount we return both to governments and charities. Across Allwyn’s portfolio we have increased returns to good causes and the government in Austria by 12.2% (2015-2020), 475% in the Czech Republic (2012-2021), and by 82% in Greece (2013-2020).  


Our lotteries have produced significant growth in each of our markets over the last five years. Established in 2012, Allwyn is already one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing lottery companies, and our strong performance across our markets is helping to fund good causes in Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Italy.  Last year, the overall amount staked in companies within Allwyn was €12.6 billion euros. That success has been achieved by embracing the power of digital technologies, growing our retail networks and actively engaging with the communities that benefit from our success.


Our partnerships with businesses like Made By Sport, Vodafone and Purple Tuesday underlines our understanding of the multiple roles that a lottery plays in a society. When lotteries improve, societies benefit.


Allwyn UK is at the forefront of change; change which is pinned on understanding developed over a decade of business across Europe. Find out more about our understanding of the importance of growing returns to government and good causes across our website now.

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