How SAZKA, parent company of Allwyn, stepped up to tackle Covid-19 across Europe.

Europe’s largest and most successful operator took action in every market it operates in.

At SAZKA and Allwyn, we take our position as Europe’s largest and most successful lottery operator very seriously. We believe that lotteries should be a unifying force for society which is why, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, we stepped up and supported the communities we operate in.


In the Czech Republic, SAZKA used its fleet of company cars and delivery trucks to deliver coronavirus test kits and other medical materials to social workers. The drivers, volunteers from SAZKA staff, delivered help to hundreds of social care facilities across the country.  


In Greece, OPAP within days sought to assist key workers in hospitals nationwide. OPAP donated 500,000 surgical masks and essential medical equipment through a body established by the Ministry of Health. These masks were distributed among three of the largest hospitals across Greece.


As a lottery operator that embraces the power of digital, we brought this expertise to our Covid-19 response too.


In Greece, “Doctor Anytime” has played a crucial role infighting the spread of the virus. A platform that has been part of the OPAP Forward programme since 2017, the digital system has helped more than 7 million people to receive specialised medical advice while at home, minimising the risk of contracting Covid-19.


In Austria, SAZKA launched the online “We Carry A Mask”(#wirtragenmaske) campaign which was supported by popular Austrians from culture and sports backgrounds. Understanding the fight was not yet won, we equipped 5,000 retail locations with masks and sanitiser as Austria looked to open up again.


SAZKA spokesperson - “In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are proud that SAZKA took decisive action to support every community it operates in. In each of our markets – the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Greece and Cyprus – we stepped up to the challenge and demonstrated that lotteries play a vital role in society”.


Allwyn is powered by the SAZKA values and energy that saw us step up in the fight against COVID, and it is the attitude we hold regarding our role in society that makes many see us as Europe’s best lottery operator. See more of what we do for our societies here.

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