Digital Innovation is fundamental to Allwyn.

Our track record in digital innovation makes lotteries successful, safe, and a force for good in society.

At Allwyn, we’re interested in embracing the power of digital. SAZKA Group’s lotteries in European markets are more successful, safer for players, and do more good for society than before SAZKA Group got involved.


(1) Embracing digital creates successful lotteries


SAZKA Group’s unique experience of operating in different markets enables us to adopt a tailored approach to customer experience. Across Europe, our players access more than 63,000 points of sale to engage with our lotteries. This number is bolstered by our embrace of digital, with players able to join in from the comfort of their homes and even their phones in just moments. In the Czech market alone, we increased Lottery sales via mobile devices by over 160% between 2015 – 2019. We increased online sales of draw based games across all of our markets by over 80% between 2015-2019.


By embracing digital technology, we power up our lotteries and make them more autonomous, with accessibility now not limited to physical stores and play points.


However, it is not just customers that benefit from our digital approach, retailers do too. We work with retailers to increase footfall, improve sales and grow the customer base. Between 2015 and 2019, we grew our independent retail network by 30% and the total retail network by almost 20% across Europe.


By partnering with Vodafone, Allwyn have underlined our commitment to digital technology. Vodafone are the UK’s leading provider of 5G networks and are a market authority in the IoT (Internet of Things).


(2) SAZKA Group uses digital innovation to make lotteries safer


Embracing digital technology in our lotteries isn’t just about reaching more players, it’s also about increasing the protection players have.


In Greece, SAZKA Group’s team have developed an algorithm that trains on real-time data to better predict and manage problematic behaviour among players. It enables a faster first alert warning of behaviour that could become problematic. The model increases the ability to spot and identify problematic behaviour (behaviour that normally would lead to voluntary self-exclusion by the customer) by 30 times (2% to 82%)while at the same time keeping the false alarm level constant.


(3) SAZKA’s digital expertise has helped lotteries be a force for good in society


Finally, by embracing digital technology, SAZKA Group are able to have a positive impact on society.


During the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, our “Doctor Anytime” scheme has played a crucial role in fighting the spread of the virus. A platform that has been part of the OPAP Forward programme since 2017, the digital system has helped more than 7 million people to receive specialised medical advice while at home, minimising the risk of contracting Covid-19.


Allwyn, as part of SAZKA Group, has a proud ethos of embracing digital technology. Think lottery, think SAZKA, think Allwyn.

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