Allwyn’s proven track record in delivering successful lotteries for all.

SAZKA Group, parent company of Allwyn, has been operating European lotteries with unrivalled and continuous success since 2012.

SAZKA Group, parent company of Allwyn, has been operating European lotteries with unrivalled and continuous success since 2012.


(1)  We are a proven lottery operator


SAZKA Group is Europe’s largest and most successful national lottery operator, with thriving operations in the Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Austria. Through our 63,000 points of sale and digital platforms, we serve an addressable market of over 79 million adults, bringing in annual sales of over €17bn.


Our ability to generate growth is unparalleled. The average lottery market growth in Europe over the past five years was 7%, but we achieved double digit growth in all our markets.


(2)  We believe lotteries should be a unifying force for society, safely maximising returns to Good Causes and playing a vital role in communities


Increasing the size of our markets means more money to fund Good Causes. We make a real difference to the communities we operate in.


We’ve returned over €2bn to governments in recent years enabling them to better fund charitable initiatives. The amount we return to good causes is growing. Up to the end of 2019, SAZKA Group increased money to Government and society in the Czech Republic 300% (since 2012), Greece 82% (since 2013) and Austria 9% (since 2015).


On top of this, SAZKA Group has always used its business skills to the benefit of the local communities in which it operates, directly supporting community projects across the health, sports, arts and community sectors.


(3)  We embrace the power of digital


Our expertise in game design and multi-channel distribution allows customers to play safely both at home and on the high-street. Retailers and players alike benefit from our extensive experience in developing new technologies and platforms.


In all our markets, we use lotteries to support bricks and mortar retail. We work with retailers to increase footfall, improve sales and grow the customer base. Between 2015 and 2019, we grew our independent retail network by 30% and the total retail network by almost 20% across Europe.


This growth in traditional retail sales worked alongside growing digital exposure offering a greater choice of products to players. In the Czech market alone, Lottery sales via mobile devices grew 160% between 2015 and 2019. Online sales of draw based games across all markets grew 80% in the same period.

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